Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Choice

Nikki loved driving the stretch of the sinuous highway between the city and her home in the mountains. On one side, the mountains rose up in great granite walls. In places, they split and glacial waterfalls spilled into brilliant blue rivers that rushed through massive culverts under the road to roar downward through groves of dark evergreens, down and into the Pacific Ocean beyond.

It was a day of rare sparkling sunshine and Nikki had the top down on the red convertible Mustang her husband had surprised her with two years ago. She loved that car too. It was, she knew, so her.

Nikki’s long blond hair whipped behind her as she sped up the road. It twisted and blew across her face, stinging her cheeks and snapping across her sunglasses. She sat deep in the leather bucket seat with her long shapely legs, bare under the light summer dress, stretched nearly straight to the pedals beneath the steering wheel. She held one hand on the wheel, expertly maneuvering the car through the twists of the highway, her other arm laid across the sun-warmed doorframe.

She took her foot off the gas and slowed when she saw a dark coloured car approaching. People who weren’t used to this shoulderless highway sometimes crossed the centre line in their fear of running into the rock walls on one side, or tumbling off the edge on the other. As the car passed her, the man behind the wheel looked at her and raised his hand. Nikki looked into her rearview mirror and saw the car’s brake lights come on and its back end reared up as it came to a fast stop. A little worried, she stepped on the gas, wanting to get home now as quickly as possible.

Nikki relaxed when the car disappeared from her mirror as she rounded a curve. There were some bags from a nice dress shop on the floor behind the driver’s seat and she wanted to get home to try them on again. She checked her mirror and was startled to see the dark coloured car coming up from behind, gaining on her fast.

She wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want to get into a race on this dangerous road, but she was all alone out here. There wouldn’t be much traffic in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon and there would be no place to pull off for at least another five miles.

Anxiously, she checked her rearview mirror and was alarmed to see the car right on her tail. Checking the road in front of her and then looking back into the rearview mirror, she saw the man had put a red flashing light on the top of his car and was putting the distinctive police hat on his head.

Half relieved and half peeved at being pulled over, Nikki slowed, edging her Mustang onto a short stretch of shoulder off the side of the highway. She cut the engine and looked in her mirror again. The car with its red light flashing had pulled in tight behind her and she could see the officer reaching for something on the seat beside him. Nikki sighed impatiently. She just wanted to go home.

Watching out of her sideview mirror, Nikki saw the officer check his mirror and then open the door. He swung out of the car and then bent back inside. Nikki couldn’t help but admire the sculpted butt that was sticking up in the air. This guy was fit all right. And tall too. When he straightened up, he looked like he was well over 6 feet.

The officer’s cap was slightly askew on his head as he came up beside her car. Nikki would have found this comical except for the fact that when she looked up at him, his face was so stern she suddenly could find no humour in the situation at all.

“Are you aware that this is a very dangerous highway, Miss?” was his opening remark.

“Yes sir, I am,” she replied meekly. “I live not too far from here and drive it all the time.”

Paul glanced in the back seat and then back at this gorgeous woman in the hot car. His eyes travelled over her long bare legs under the short skirt; they followed the mounds of her breasts stretching the fabric and they paused briefly at the small sparkling diamond pendant that lay in her cleavage above the v-cut top. The woman clasped her hands together in her lap and Paul noted the platinum wedding band on her left hand.

He looked at her eyes through the sunglasses. He knew they were blue, the pale gold hair that poured around her shoulders and the way her fair skin was flushed from the wind would have told anyone that.

The woman dropped her eyes when he looked at her. Paul looked at the top of her head and felt a stirring in his pants. He loved this part. He loved it when women bent their heads in that submissive way. He loved how their cheeks turned red as he scolded them and the big meek eyes that would look up quickly at him and then away. He was aware that his 6’4 frame seemed gigantic to them at moments like this.

“Nonetheless Miss,” he said sternly, “you were driving too fast for this highway and I will have to ticket you for going 40 over the limit.”

“Forty!” Nikki gasped. She looked up at him angrily. “I wasn’t going that fast! I’m sure you are mistaken.”

“Excuse me, Miss,” Paul said sternly, “are you arguing with me?”

“Ohh…no,” Nikki stuttered, her nerve lost. “It’s just that…well…that’s going to be a very stiff penalty, isn’t it?”

Paul felt himself stiffen. The flare of temper was very pretty, but the way she backed right down was really exciting.

“It will be expensive, if that’s what you mean,” he told the top of her head. “But you won’t lose any points off your driving record.”

The woman shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“It’s just that…,” she started, and then stopped.


“It’s, well, it’s…”

Nikki wasn’t sure what to say. How does someone tell a complete stranger that her husband will spank her for getting a ticket?

“My husband will be very angry,” she said weakly. She glanced up at him, her face, she hoped, was a picture of remorse.

Paul smiled to himself. He’d heard this before.

“Your husband. He’s, uh, the old-fashioned type, I take it?”

Nikki squirmed in her seat without answering. She didn’t like where this was going.

Paul knew his trousers were bulging. He let his mind flit over a picture of this woman across his lap writhing under a hard spanking and he could barely contain himself.

He cleared his throat and said, “I’m sorry Miss. I’ve already called in to the station. I will have to give you a ticket.”

Nikki thought of the long-handled wooden bathbrush at home. When she was bent over pillows on the bed and the broad flat back of that brush was applied smartly to her bum, the bruises usually lasted three days or more.

“Oh, please officer," she pleaded. “You seem to understand my predicament. I…I don’t want my husband to know I got a speeding ticket.”

“Point and match,” Paul thought with glee.

The woman glanced up at him. She had removed her sunglasses and he could see a sparkle of tears in her eyes. Her cheeks were stained red and her lower lip was quivering. He crossed his arms and pretended to be thinking hard about the matter.

Nikki felt a knot in the pit of her stomach. Her panties were quite damp, she knew. It always excited her when her fate was in the hands of a man as dominant as this one. She twisted her wedding ring nervously, waiting for him to speak.

“Miss,” Paul started after several long seconds, “if I don’t give you a ticket, your husband won’t know you were driving recklessly along this dangerous highway. Is that correct?”

“Yes sir,” Nikki answered weakly.

“And if your husband doesn’t know you were driving recklessly, he won’t be able to punish you for it then, will he?” Paul continued. He was going to wrap her up in logic like a shiny little present under his Christmas tree.

“No sir,” she said through the beginning of tears.

“Well then, Miss, I think there are only two ways to go here.”

Paul shifted his weight from foot to foot. His throat was tight with excitement. He took a deep breath; he needed to stay in control or he’d ruin this.

“One, I could give you a ticket and send you home to whatever punishment your husband believes is necessary…”

Nikki started to cry. “Ohhhhh,” was all she could get out. She could almost hear the bathbrush mocking her.

“…or two,” Paul continued, “I don’t give you a ticket…”

The woman looked up at him, her tear-streaked face full of hope.


Paul paused. The woman’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. She knows what’s coming, inwardly Paul chuckled.

“If I don’t give you a ticket, you will not be punished for driving dangerously, will you Miss? And now if you consider it, Miss, you know you need to be punished, don’t you?”

Nikki’s mouth went dry.

“I…I don’t understand,” she whispered hoarsely.

Paul was thrilled. This was going just right.

“Well Miss, I’m suggesting that if you don’t want your husband to know about this incident, then you will have to take your punishment from me.”

There, Paul thought as he watched her face. What is she going to do now?

Nikki stared up at the officer dumbfounded. Here? He’s going to spank me here along the side of the highway? I can’t believe this is happening.

erotic spanking, otk, pink panties, police officer, spanked outdoorsShe looked about herself wildly. He can’t mean here, her thoughts raced. I’ll have to take the ticket, she thought. I’ll take the ticket and go home. Oh, but the bathbrush….
Nikki nibbled at her lower lip anxiously.

“You mean, you’d punish me here? N-n-now?”

Paul relaxed a little; this was going very, very well.

“Yes Miss, that’s exactly what I mean,” he told her.

“There’s a stand of firs over there,” he nodded to where a dense wall of evergreens stood.

“You and I will go over there and I’ll see to it that you behave yourself on this road for the rest of your life. Do you understand?”

Nikki looked over at the trees. Yes, that’s a dense screen, she thought. But spanked in a public place? Beside a major highway? It’s too embarrassing. I can’t do this. But if I don’t, I’ll get the bathbrush for sure. Wouldn’t I rather get a quick spanking in the woods than face the bathbrush?

Nikki looked at the officer’s hands. They were big, like he was, but nicely shaped and clean; even his fingernails were manicured. She felt a flooding in her panties.

“What’s it going to be, Miss?” Paul was growing impatient. Someone was bound to discover them if she didn’t hurry up and make up her mind.

Nikki gulped.

“All right.”

“All right?” Paul snapped out. “Did you say all right, Miss?”

The blonde head nodded and Paul wanted to dance for joy. The bulge in his pants was almost painful. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her.

“Then get out of the car, please Miss,” he said, barely containing himself.

Nikki undid her seat belt with shaking hands. The officer opened the car door for her and stood aside as she got out.

Paul looked at her legs in the high heeled sandals as she swung them out of the car. She’s a beauty all right, he thought.

When Nikki stood up, Paul tossed his cap onto the front seat and pushed the door shut. He grasped her by the elbow, looked both ways, and then led Nikki to the opposite side of the road. There was a sharp drop with large granite boulders supporting the roadway. Nikki hesitated at the edge, looking down.

“I can’t,” she blurted out.

“Can’t?” Paul felt disappointment pour over him.

“I can’t climb down there in these shoes,” Nikki said waving her hand at the rocks and then at her smart sandals with the three inch heels.

“Oh,” he said, hiding his relief. “I’ll help you.”

Before she knew it, Nikki found herself turned over the officer’s shoulder like an errant child. Her bottom was turned up and pressing against his ear. He wrapped his arm around her bare legs and started climbing down the road bed.

Already subdued by the decision she just made, Nikki hung passively over his shoulder. Her short skirt had ridden up over her bottom, revealing the pink cotton panties she put on that morning, but she made no move to cover herself. The sun was warm on the back of her legs and she could feel the big muscles of the officer’s arm holding her tight.

Paul could barely breathe. Her body was light over his shoulder and her bare thighs against his cheek were as soft as down. Her ass was perfect, high and round, and he could feel it jiggling slightly as he climbed down the rocks. He wanted to run his free hand up her thighs and under the elastic of those pink panties that were exposed, but he resisted the urge. At the bottom of the roadbed, he didn’t let her down. He continued to walk towards the fir trees with his prisoner over his shoulder.

Pushing through the trees, Paul found a small clearing that was hidden from the highway, but looked out over a cliff at the wide Pacific Ocean. The sun was glinting off the water and the scent of pine was heavy in the air.

With Nikki still hung over his shoulder, Paul looked around and spied a small boulder that would suit his purpose. He walked to the rock and, in one motion, put his left foot on it, swung the woman off his shoulder and over his bent leg.

Nikki gasped as he handled her. She was shocked to find herself turned over his knee so quickly. She kicked her legs and squirmed under his hand that was pressed into the small of her back.

“What are you…” she started to say.

“You know full well what I’m going to do, young lady,” Paul said sternly. “You agreed that you deserved to punished, did you not?”

“Yes sir,” Nikki croaked. “I just…I just…”

“You just what? Did you think I was going to buy you dinner first?”

Paul laughed and enjoyed the sight of the wiggling bottom before him. Now, he let his hand run up the back of her thigh and under the skirt that had fallen back in place. He pinched her just below the panty leg and then quickly let a hard smack fall on her skirt.

“Oh!” Nikki cried out. She kicked her legs in surprise. She was pinned across his thigh with her arms and legs dangling. With his hand on her back, she couldn’t get up or shift away, she could only squirm and kick.

“Now, you listen to me, young lady,” Paul began to lecture. “That is a dangerous stretch of highway you were speeding along,”

He gave her three hard smacks.

“Oww!” Nikki screeched. This was not going to be the quick spanking she thought it would.

“Don’t you know that accidents cause a many people a lot of time and trouble?”

Paul whacked the beautiful bottom twice more. As she cried out, he lifted her skirt and pushed it up over her back. A fire roared in his belly when he saw the pink cotton stretched across her gorgeous globes and five more hard spanks rained down on the panties.

“Eeeee,” Nikki cried out. Maybe she should have just taken the ticket. This was going to be as bad as the bathbrush.

She felt his fingers in the waistband of her panties.

“No, no,” she cried and tried to stop him from pulling them down.

Paul pushed her hand out of the way and gave her another set of hard spanks.

“You asked for this, remember,” he warned her. “I will not tolerate any attempt to stop the proceedings here.”

“I’m sorry,” Nikki sobbed. “I’ll be more careful. I promise. Please don’t.”

“Nonsense,” Paul sniffed. “This is nothing.” And he yanked her panties down to mid-thigh.

erotic spanking, otk, pink panties, police officer, spanked outdoorsHer bottom was already a faint pink and Paul could see the outline of his hand on one cheek. He massaged that spot roughly and said to the squirming woman, “When I’m finished with you, you won’t want to sit in that fancy car of yours for at least a month.”

He began to spank her steadily and methodically. His hand was big enough to nearly cover each cheek with one smack. He alternated from cheek to cheek, ignoring the woman’s cries and pleas for mercy.

Nikki’s bottom was burning. She tried to twist away from the blows that were coming hard and fast, but she couldn’t move out from under his hand. She knew she was making a lot of noise but she didn’t care, he was really hurting her.

“Owwww,” she cried out. “Stooop! Please stop! Owwww.”

Her bottom had turned bright red and Paul was hypnotized by how her bum jiggled and coloured in the natural light as he spanked her. It was if his hand was a machine rising and falling, slapping one cheek then the other. So enraptured by the sight, he didn’t hear her crying or acknowledge her pleas. He had no idea how long he had been spanking her or how many times he had struck her.

And then, just like that, she went limp. She was sobbing heavily and she lay like a rag thrown over his knee. Her legs, with panties now caught in the heels of her shoes, were still as he gave her a few last smacks.

erotic spanking, otk, pink panties, police officer, spanked outdoorsNikki cried her heart out. Something had let go inside of her and she was washed away on a wave of pain and relief. She forgot she was in the woods alongside a highway. She forgot she was over the knee of a police officer. She forgot that her bottom was upturned with her private parts exposed to the ocean air and the eyes of the man who was spanking her. She just let the tears flow from her heart and her soul, and she felt cleansed.

Paul was breathing heavily as he massaged her bottom and let the woman cry.

“There, there,” he said quietly. “It’s all over now.”

He picked her up and cradled her in his arms. Nikki turned her red and swollen face into his shirt and continued to sob.

“Shh, shh,” he murmured as he rocked her gently. “It’s all right. You are a good girl.”

When her sobs subsided, he put her on her feet and squatted down to pull her panties back up where they belonged. She stood unsteadily as he brushed some pine needles from the fabric and slid them up her legs. He pulled a tissue from his breast pocket and handed it to her. Then, he knelt in front of her and massaged her hot bottom through her skirt as she wiped her face.

When she was calm again, Paul stood and smiled at her.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson today,” he said.

Nikki nodded as fresh tears welled up in her eyes. She covered them with the damp tissue and sobbed quietly for a few seconds more.

“Ok now,” Paul said. “Let’s get out of here and you can go home.”

He picked her up again and carried her back to the road. On the pavement, he set her down and put his arm around her to walk to her car. He opened the door of the Mustang, retrieved his hat, and helped her in. He smiled when she winced sitting down.

“And now young lady, I think you should head home to start dinner for that loving husband of yours,” Paul said as he shut the car door.

Nikki turned her tear-ravaged face up to him and smiled. “Yes sir. Thank you, sir.”

Paul bent down and gave her a lingering kiss. He winked at her as he straightened back up.

“You were great, sweetheart. I didn’t think you were going to go for it.”

He started to walk to his rental car with the novelty light on top, then stopped and turned back.

“I think you’ve done enough for me today, darling. Go straight home. I’ll pick up dinner and see you there.”

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Nikki's Notes on "The Choice"

As I promised in my last post, I’m posting The Choice, a story based on a chance meeting that happened several years ago. I was visiting Vancouver and met an off-duty police officer on the beach. We chatted for a while and he took me for lunch. Over lunch, he was telling me about the beautiful scenery on the road between Vancouver and Squamish. When I said that I’d love to see it, we went off in his car for the drive to Squamish. The scenery was as breath-taking as he described. He told me stories of rock-slides that came down on the highway and careless tourists driving off the edge.

I was carried away by the gorgeous views of rock, water and fir trees. He was sweet and good-looking and when I said that it would be wonderful to make love in that scenery, the guy couldn’t believe his good luck. We found a bit of shoulder, just like in the story and had a fun afternoon romping in a secluded glade just like the one I describe in The Choice.

Here’s a bonus for you first readers, a video clip from the wonderful Girls Boarding School site. That headmaster is to die for! He’s so handsome and ever so strict. I would gladly bend over his knee anytime!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nikki's notes on "The One Dance Rule"

I hope you enjoyed The One Dance Rule. It’s my first ever posting to a blog.

I wrote the story for a lover I had a few years ago to heat him up in advance of our dinner date at his house. I sent it to him attached to an email and, you know, he didn’t say a word about it in his response. I was a little hurt by that, but when I arrived at his place the following Friday, he invited me into his study and we played out that belt strapping –with a less serious intent, thank goodness.

Then, last year, I sent the story to another man I was dating at the time (fully disclosing that I had written it for someone else, of course) and this time I was bent over the quilt rack at the end of my bed for a taste of his belt. You just have to love the power of the pen!

"The One Dance Rule” is a long story - more than 3,000 words. I chose it as my first post because I wanted to experiment with the serial form of storytelling. Back in the days when people read more, fiction was often published in serial form by newspapers. Writers could earn a decent living having their novels published piece by piece over the course of a year. But my friend Ms M. informs me that the day of the serial story is over. “It blows,” were her exact words, I believe. So, from here on in, I’ll post the full story at one go.

I had a conversation with the very dominant Mr. P. earlier this week. In the course of our conversation I remembered an incident that happened to me several years ago. I've been turning that incident over in my head ever since, and a fictionalized version of it will be my next post. It involves a police officer! So stay tuned.

xx Nikki

The one dance rule - part 4

Continued from Part 3

Nikki was remembering her last severe punishment strapping while over John's knee for her daily spanking.

“Hey! You there,” John ’s hand lightly smacked the pert round bum across his lap. “You've been gone for two days. Where are you now?”

Nikki turned her head and smiled up at John. “I was thinking how much I love being over your knee and how much I love you,” she said.

“Well,” he said smiling back, “we had better do something about that.”

John reached behind him and pulled out the wooden paddle. He smacked her bottom hard and right across the middle.

“Ouch,” cried Nikki, not expecting such a sharp blow right off.

“I don’t want you blissed out, my dear. I want you to feel this.” And John began to paddle her bottom, gently at first but gradually increasing the speed and the strength of each blow.

Nikki closed her eyes and enjoyed the first wave of stingy heat off her bottom. She and John were going to make glorious love tonight. She was going to ride him and hold him so tight he would have to stay locked with her forever.

The smacks were coming faster and harder. Nikki kicked her feet a bit and tossed her head, loving every smack. John paddled her for a full 20 minutes, stopping occasionally to rub some feeling back into her increasingly tender bottom. When he was finished he dropped the paddle to the floor and massaged her burning cheeks.

“Mmmm, John ,” Nikki said. “I’m so happy to be home. I missed my spankings and I missed your lap. I want to get you to bed so I can show you how happy I am to be here with you.”

John continued rubbing her bottom with one hand while the other ran gently up and down her back.

“Nikki,” he said quietly.

Nikki’s heart stopped. “What, John ? What’s wrong?”

“Nikki, my beautiful errant girl, what did you accomplish on your two days away?”

“Uh oh,” Nikki thought. She knew what he was getting at. She had taken two days away from John to organize her thoughts and prepare a plan for her future. They had agreed that perhaps some time alone would help her to work out her own goals.

“Well, John ,” she started in tentatively. “I might not have done as much as I hoped to accomplish, but I did make a good start.

“I’ve laid out some goals and how I want to get there. I’ve made lists of things I need to do…”

“So why did you call me ‘sir’ in your email then,” John countered. “One, you know better than to call me ‘sir’ when you are not in the spanking position. You understand that getting into that habit might reveal us to our friends and we don’t want that, do we Nikki?”

“No, sir,” Nikki said weakly, recognizing the absurdity that she was indeed in the spanking position right now.

“Uh huh, you called me ‘sir’ because you were feeling guilty about, and this is two, not doing what you were there to do. You were to come back here with a clear head knowing exactly what you needed and wanted, weren’t you?

“Yes, sir,” Nikki felt a little sick to her stomach. Was she going to be punished further? It sounded like it. But he had just spanked her for 20 minutes! That was far longer than he normally spanked her.

“Right darling, you didn’t live up to your end of the bargain, so you need to be punished for that.”

“Oh John , please” cried Nikki, “You’ve just paddled me for a long time! My bottom feels hot enough to barbeque on.”

“Well, my dear, it’s going to get hotter,” John said grimly. “You’ve got another twenty strokes coming to you.

“Ten with the strap for calling me sir, followed by ten with the hairbrush for not accomplishing what you said you would.”

“ John , no,” Nikki felt tears coming to her eyes. “Please, that’s too much.”

“Be quiet Nikki,” he ordered. “That’s your punishment and you will accept it.”

Nikki dropped her head knowing better than to argue any further. She heard John reaching for the short strap with the stingy bite.

The warmth of John’s strong thighs warmed her naked belly and the roughness of his jeans rubbed against her soft skin. Here, across John’s lap, Nikki felt secure, safe and loved. She sighed and wiggled a bit. Her waist brushed against the hard metal of his belt buckle and she shivered.

“Well, it could be a lot worse,” she thought as the strap smacked hard across her sore bottom.

The end
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belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strapping

Friday, January 16, 2009

The one dance rule - part 3

Continued from Part 2

“All right then, little one, go up to the study and prepare yourself.” John lifted her from his lap and put her on her feet. “I will be up in a few minutes and I expect you to be ready for a strapping.”

Nikki went up the stairs quietly. She was determined to take this punishment and prove to John that she trusted him and that he could trust her. In the study she quickly undressed. Completely naked, she leaned over the polished oak desk with the edge biting into her elbows and her forearms extending along the top. She lowered her head and rested her feverish forehead on the desk’s cool surface and waited for John to come in.

He didn’t make her wait long. Nikki heard him slowly coming up the stairs and along the hall to the study. He walks like he’s tired, she thought, and then realized how disappointed he must be in her. She felt tears come to her eyes at how she must have frightened him. She loved John with all her heart and she would never do anything to hurt him.

But she had. She had not obeyed the rule he made to protect her, and it almost cost her dearly. Nikki was horribly ashamed of herself and she knew that the strap that would soon be biting her flesh was the only thing that would help release her from this terrible guilt. She longed to be across his lap for this. She wanted to hold his leg while he beat her so she could feel the comfort of his body as the waves of pain crossed her mind and soul.

But John understood that making Nikki stand on her own to endure this punishment was the only way she would learn to take responsibility for her actions. He hadn’t been there to protect her from that man tonight, and he wasn’t going to be there for her to lean on while she suffered the consequences of her behaviour.

Nikki heard John unbuckle his belt behind her. Her stomach tightened into a knot and she steadied herself against the desk.

“Arch your back, Nikki,” John said and Nikki heard the belt being pulled from its loops around his waist.

belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strappingShe pressed her hips upward, giving him complete access to her bum and upper thighs. She heard him snap the belt a few times to test its weight. It made a swishing sound in the air and Nikki felt an electrical shock run from her centre to the rest of her body.

“How many for lying, Nikki,” asked John.

“Ten, sir,” she responded barely able to speak.

“And how many for endangering yourself,” he asked in a darker tone.

Nikki couldn’t speak. Her voice failed to work as she trembled and tears dropped on the desk.

“How many, Nikki,” John ’s voice was louder and angry this time.

“Twen…twenty four, sir,” she whispered.

“That’s right. Twenty four. Count them, Nikki”

And the first blow fell hard across the top of her bum. It burned like brand and Nikki resisted the urge to jump up.

“One, sir.”
The next blow fell just below the first one. Nikki felt pain exploding along her bottom and she struggled to not cry out.

“Two, sir.”

John laid a line of six stripes from the top of her bum to mid thigh. Then he went back and crossed the first set with another line of six. Nikki screamed and shook. She fought to remain standing as the blows fell steadily, biting into her flesh.

“Twelve, sir.”

They came and they came. Nikki wasn’t sure where she was in the count anymore. She knew crisscrosses of welts were crimson red across her entire backside and that in the morning they would be bruises. She also knew that when this was all over, John would order her to bed, but he’d come behind her with a cool lotion to soothe the pain and then hold her all night long.

At twenty strokes, Nikki broke down and began to sob. Her knees buckled and she sunk to the floor. She kneeled on the carpet, clinging to the edge of the desk. Her body heaved with sobs punctuated with gasps for air. Her stomach churned and her flesh she felt seared, as if a bucket of burning coal had been dropped on her.

John stopped his arm, stood back and waited.

“Four more Nikki,” he said calmly after a moment. “Get back into position and count them please.”

“Please no,” she cried. “I can’t. I can’t.” And she burst into fresh tears.

“Get back into position and count them please,” John repeated.

Nikki took a deep breath and pulled herself to her feet. She groaned and resumed her position over the desk.

John gave her the last four licks of the belt quickly and not as hard as before. He helped her straighten up, then held her for a few minutes while she clung to him and cried. Murmuring praise for her bravery, he helped her to bed.

Continue to part 4
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The one dance rule - part 2

Continued from Part 1

When John was angry enough at her to use the belt, Nikki was required strip naked and bend over his desk in the study. Supporting herself with her elbows, Nikki would arch her back on John’s command to expose the full length of her bottom and thighs. From behind her John would lash her repeatedly along these tender zones. No matter how much she wailed and cried, he would strap her until he was convinced she had learned her lesson.

The last time Nikki had been forced to endure the bite of that belt was just two weeks ago. John had given her permission to join her friends at a club to go dancing. He was busy with work projects and Nikki begged him to let her go and spend some time with her friends. He smiled at her eagerness, but waved a stern finger in her face.

“Remember the rule, Nikki,” he said. “Only one dance per partner. You know why.”

Nikki nodded at him. She did know why. A long time ago, Nikki’s friends had nicknamed her “Barbie” after the famous doll. It wasn’t hard to see why. Nikki was tall with long blonde hair and large round breasts. She had a slender waist, shapely legs “that went to China” as old lover had once said, and a sassy cute bottom atop them.

Men had always bothered Nikki. Complete strangers would chase her down the street to talk to her. Until John came along, Nikki had found herself in some frightening situations when a man would try and force his attentions on her. John made the one man-one dance rule to keep any of the many dance partners she got from getting the wrong idea about her.

But that night two weeks ago, when Nikki and her friends arrived at the club, they were surprised to find it practically empty and very few available dance partners. The women were forced to dance with each other, giggling over their predicament. When a tall handsome man approached Nikki and asked her to dance, she gladly accepted. He was a wonderful dancer. He held her lightly and professionally as he spun her around the dance floor.

He told Nikki about his business as a land developer and complemented her on her dancing skills. He was polite and kind, so when he asked her to dance again as the next piece began, she thought it would be all right. This time though, he began telling Nikki tales about his past sexual conquests. Apparently, there had been many. He boasted that women never said no to him because he was so rich.

Nikki was bored by the change in conversation and when the second dance ended she said goodbye and moved to return to her friends. But the man grabbed her arm and insisted she stay and dance again. She tried to break free, but he gripped her arm.

“Listen, my lovely,” he hissed in her ear. “Don’t toy with me. I want you to dance another dance with me.”

Nikki struggled with him until another couple noticed a problem and intervened. When the man let go of her arm, Nikki quickly left the dance floor. She rushed to the table where her friends were chatting and hadn’t noticed anything. She gathered her purse and sweater, made hasty excuses and fled the club. She hailed a taxi and didn’t breathe again until the club was blocks behind her.

At home, John met her at the door. He knew something was wrong when the taxi pulled up at least an hour before Nikki was expected home. He pulled her to his chest when he saw her distressed face and held her. Nikki burst into tears and sobbed as she leaned against him.

“Come on in Nikki,” murmured soothingly into her hair, “come in and tell me what happened.” He picked up the trembling woman in his arms and carried her to the couch. John cradled Nikki on his lap as she told him the whole story, wiping away her tears with his hand.

belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strappingBy time she was finished telling the story to John, she was calmer. It never occurred to her to lie to him. She knew she was in trouble for breaking the one dance rule, but she always told John the truth because she cared for his respect for her. John held her close and said, “thank god you are all right. I’m so scared of losing you one day, Nikki.”

He held her without speaking for a few minutes, stroking her hair and cuddling her close.

“Nikki,” he began suddenly. “You know what is going to happen now, don’t you?”

“You are going to punish me for breaking the rule,” Nikki said quietly, her eyes on her toes.

“Yes dear,” he said quietly, “and this is a serious one. You endangered yourself with that man. Thank god those people intervened or who knows what would have happened.”

“I’m sorry John. ” Nikki started sobbing again.

“I know you are,” he said calmly,” but you must be punished. You understand that, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir ,” she said quietly.

“All right then, little one, go up to the study and prepare yourself.” John lifted her from his lap and put her on her feet. “I will be up in a few minutes and I expect you to be ready for a strapping.”

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belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strapping

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The one dance rule - part 1

Nikki was in the place she loved the most. The warmth of John’s strong thighs warmed her naked belly and the roughness of his jeans rubbed against her soft skin. Here, across John’s lap, Nikki felt secure, safe and loved.

“Everyday, I forget how beautiful you are,” John said, as ran his hands along her back, squeezing her bottom gently and stroking her thighs. He had a few calluses on his palms that lightly scratched Nikki’s skin and sent tingles along her spine. “I’ve missed you, dear heart.”

Two days Nikki had been gone. She had never been apart from John that long before and she had missed him badly. But it was all right now. She was back, she was across his lap and John was going to spank her, the way he did everyday after supper.

Nikki called these daily spankings her love bites, but an amused John referred to the sessions as daily reminders. “To keep you in line, m’lady,” he’d growl with mock ferociousness.

She wondered if he’d spank her with his hand or the paddle. Sometimes he used both, it depended on his mood and Nikki enjoyed the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen as she lowered her panties and settled on his lap every evening.

Nikki sighed happily and wiggled a bit on John’s lap. Her waist brushed against the hard metal of his belt buckle and she shivered. He wore that belt everyday and Nikki didn’t like it. It was a thick black leather belt, two inches wide, with a big square silver buckle. John would only remove that belt from his pants for one of two reasons.

Once a week he took it out and oiled with a special product he had imported from Germany. He would spend half an hour every Saturday afternoon rubbing the belt with a soft cloth admiring its sheen and suppleness. Nikki’s tummy would quail whenever she saw him handle the belt because the only other time John would take it off was to strap her soundly for a major infraction. Memories of those occasions made Nikki’s stomach hurt.

Nikki was regularly punished by John for minor things, like sassing or being late. Minor infractions were dealt with after the daily spanking while she was still across John’s knee. After the paddle was put away, out would come either the hairbrush or the short strap and Nikki’s already burning bottom would be treated to many more hard strokes, usually until she cried.

belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strappingNikki didn’t like the hairbrush or strap, but at least she was across John’s loving lap and the security of his warm body against her skin kept her from being afraid.

When the belt came out, however, there was no warm lap to lie across. When John was angry enough at her to use the belt, Nikki was required strip naked and bend over his desk in the study. Supporting herself with her elbows, Nikki would arch her back on John’s command to expose the full length of her bottom and thighs. From behind her John would lash her repeatedly along these tender zones. No matter how much she wailed and cried, he would strap her until he was convinced she had learned her lesson.

The last time Nikki had been forced to endure the bite of that belt was just two weeks ago. John had given her permission to join her friends at a club to go dancing. He was busy with work projects and Nikki begged him to let her go and spend some time with her friends. He smiled at her eagerness, but waved a stern finger in her face.

“Remember the rule, Nikki,” he said. “Only one dance per partner. You know why.”

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belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strapping