Saturday, January 17, 2009

The one dance rule - part 4

Continued from Part 3

Nikki was remembering her last severe punishment strapping while over John's knee for her daily spanking.

“Hey! You there,” John ’s hand lightly smacked the pert round bum across his lap. “You've been gone for two days. Where are you now?”

Nikki turned her head and smiled up at John. “I was thinking how much I love being over your knee and how much I love you,” she said.

“Well,” he said smiling back, “we had better do something about that.”

John reached behind him and pulled out the wooden paddle. He smacked her bottom hard and right across the middle.

“Ouch,” cried Nikki, not expecting such a sharp blow right off.

“I don’t want you blissed out, my dear. I want you to feel this.” And John began to paddle her bottom, gently at first but gradually increasing the speed and the strength of each blow.

Nikki closed her eyes and enjoyed the first wave of stingy heat off her bottom. She and John were going to make glorious love tonight. She was going to ride him and hold him so tight he would have to stay locked with her forever.

The smacks were coming faster and harder. Nikki kicked her feet a bit and tossed her head, loving every smack. John paddled her for a full 20 minutes, stopping occasionally to rub some feeling back into her increasingly tender bottom. When he was finished he dropped the paddle to the floor and massaged her burning cheeks.

“Mmmm, John ,” Nikki said. “I’m so happy to be home. I missed my spankings and I missed your lap. I want to get you to bed so I can show you how happy I am to be here with you.”

John continued rubbing her bottom with one hand while the other ran gently up and down her back.

“Nikki,” he said quietly.

Nikki’s heart stopped. “What, John ? What’s wrong?”

“Nikki, my beautiful errant girl, what did you accomplish on your two days away?”

“Uh oh,” Nikki thought. She knew what he was getting at. She had taken two days away from John to organize her thoughts and prepare a plan for her future. They had agreed that perhaps some time alone would help her to work out her own goals.

“Well, John ,” she started in tentatively. “I might not have done as much as I hoped to accomplish, but I did make a good start.

“I’ve laid out some goals and how I want to get there. I’ve made lists of things I need to do…”

“So why did you call me ‘sir’ in your email then,” John countered. “One, you know better than to call me ‘sir’ when you are not in the spanking position. You understand that getting into that habit might reveal us to our friends and we don’t want that, do we Nikki?”

“No, sir,” Nikki said weakly, recognizing the absurdity that she was indeed in the spanking position right now.

“Uh huh, you called me ‘sir’ because you were feeling guilty about, and this is two, not doing what you were there to do. You were to come back here with a clear head knowing exactly what you needed and wanted, weren’t you?

“Yes, sir,” Nikki felt a little sick to her stomach. Was she going to be punished further? It sounded like it. But he had just spanked her for 20 minutes! That was far longer than he normally spanked her.

“Right darling, you didn’t live up to your end of the bargain, so you need to be punished for that.”

“Oh John , please” cried Nikki, “You’ve just paddled me for a long time! My bottom feels hot enough to barbeque on.”

“Well, my dear, it’s going to get hotter,” John said grimly. “You’ve got another twenty strokes coming to you.

“Ten with the strap for calling me sir, followed by ten with the hairbrush for not accomplishing what you said you would.”

“ John , no,” Nikki felt tears coming to her eyes. “Please, that’s too much.”

“Be quiet Nikki,” he ordered. “That’s your punishment and you will accept it.”

Nikki dropped her head knowing better than to argue any further. She heard John reaching for the short strap with the stingy bite.

The warmth of John’s strong thighs warmed her naked belly and the roughness of his jeans rubbed against her soft skin. Here, across John’s lap, Nikki felt secure, safe and loved. She sighed and wiggled a bit. Her waist brushed against the hard metal of his belt buckle and she shivered.

“Well, it could be a lot worse,” she thought as the strap smacked hard across her sore bottom.

The end
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