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The one dance rule - part 3

Continued from Part 2

“All right then, little one, go up to the study and prepare yourself.” John lifted her from his lap and put her on her feet. “I will be up in a few minutes and I expect you to be ready for a strapping.”

Nikki went up the stairs quietly. She was determined to take this punishment and prove to John that she trusted him and that he could trust her. In the study she quickly undressed. Completely naked, she leaned over the polished oak desk with the edge biting into her elbows and her forearms extending along the top. She lowered her head and rested her feverish forehead on the desk’s cool surface and waited for John to come in.

He didn’t make her wait long. Nikki heard him slowly coming up the stairs and along the hall to the study. He walks like he’s tired, she thought, and then realized how disappointed he must be in her. She felt tears come to her eyes at how she must have frightened him. She loved John with all her heart and she would never do anything to hurt him.

But she had. She had not obeyed the rule he made to protect her, and it almost cost her dearly. Nikki was horribly ashamed of herself and she knew that the strap that would soon be biting her flesh was the only thing that would help release her from this terrible guilt. She longed to be across his lap for this. She wanted to hold his leg while he beat her so she could feel the comfort of his body as the waves of pain crossed her mind and soul.

But John understood that making Nikki stand on her own to endure this punishment was the only way she would learn to take responsibility for her actions. He hadn’t been there to protect her from that man tonight, and he wasn’t going to be there for her to lean on while she suffered the consequences of her behaviour.

Nikki heard John unbuckle his belt behind her. Her stomach tightened into a knot and she steadied herself against the desk.

“Arch your back, Nikki,” John said and Nikki heard the belt being pulled from its loops around his waist.

belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strappingShe pressed her hips upward, giving him complete access to her bum and upper thighs. She heard him snap the belt a few times to test its weight. It made a swishing sound in the air and Nikki felt an electrical shock run from her centre to the rest of her body.

“How many for lying, Nikki,” asked John.

“Ten, sir,” she responded barely able to speak.

“And how many for endangering yourself,” he asked in a darker tone.

Nikki couldn’t speak. Her voice failed to work as she trembled and tears dropped on the desk.

“How many, Nikki,” John ’s voice was louder and angry this time.

“Twen…twenty four, sir,” she whispered.

“That’s right. Twenty four. Count them, Nikki”

And the first blow fell hard across the top of her bum. It burned like brand and Nikki resisted the urge to jump up.

“One, sir.”
The next blow fell just below the first one. Nikki felt pain exploding along her bottom and she struggled to not cry out.

“Two, sir.”

John laid a line of six stripes from the top of her bum to mid thigh. Then he went back and crossed the first set with another line of six. Nikki screamed and shook. She fought to remain standing as the blows fell steadily, biting into her flesh.

“Twelve, sir.”

They came and they came. Nikki wasn’t sure where she was in the count anymore. She knew crisscrosses of welts were crimson red across her entire backside and that in the morning they would be bruises. She also knew that when this was all over, John would order her to bed, but he’d come behind her with a cool lotion to soothe the pain and then hold her all night long.

At twenty strokes, Nikki broke down and began to sob. Her knees buckled and she sunk to the floor. She kneeled on the carpet, clinging to the edge of the desk. Her body heaved with sobs punctuated with gasps for air. Her stomach churned and her flesh she felt seared, as if a bucket of burning coal had been dropped on her.

John stopped his arm, stood back and waited.

“Four more Nikki,” he said calmly after a moment. “Get back into position and count them please.”

“Please no,” she cried. “I can’t. I can’t.” And she burst into fresh tears.

“Get back into position and count them please,” John repeated.

Nikki took a deep breath and pulled herself to her feet. She groaned and resumed her position over the desk.

John gave her the last four licks of the belt quickly and not as hard as before. He helped her straighten up, then held her for a few minutes while she clung to him and cried. Murmuring praise for her bravery, he helped her to bed.

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belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strapping

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