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The one dance rule - part 2

Continued from Part 1

When John was angry enough at her to use the belt, Nikki was required strip naked and bend over his desk in the study. Supporting herself with her elbows, Nikki would arch her back on John’s command to expose the full length of her bottom and thighs. From behind her John would lash her repeatedly along these tender zones. No matter how much she wailed and cried, he would strap her until he was convinced she had learned her lesson.

The last time Nikki had been forced to endure the bite of that belt was just two weeks ago. John had given her permission to join her friends at a club to go dancing. He was busy with work projects and Nikki begged him to let her go and spend some time with her friends. He smiled at her eagerness, but waved a stern finger in her face.

“Remember the rule, Nikki,” he said. “Only one dance per partner. You know why.”

Nikki nodded at him. She did know why. A long time ago, Nikki’s friends had nicknamed her “Barbie” after the famous doll. It wasn’t hard to see why. Nikki was tall with long blonde hair and large round breasts. She had a slender waist, shapely legs “that went to China” as old lover had once said, and a sassy cute bottom atop them.

Men had always bothered Nikki. Complete strangers would chase her down the street to talk to her. Until John came along, Nikki had found herself in some frightening situations when a man would try and force his attentions on her. John made the one man-one dance rule to keep any of the many dance partners she got from getting the wrong idea about her.

But that night two weeks ago, when Nikki and her friends arrived at the club, they were surprised to find it practically empty and very few available dance partners. The women were forced to dance with each other, giggling over their predicament. When a tall handsome man approached Nikki and asked her to dance, she gladly accepted. He was a wonderful dancer. He held her lightly and professionally as he spun her around the dance floor.

He told Nikki about his business as a land developer and complemented her on her dancing skills. He was polite and kind, so when he asked her to dance again as the next piece began, she thought it would be all right. This time though, he began telling Nikki tales about his past sexual conquests. Apparently, there had been many. He boasted that women never said no to him because he was so rich.

Nikki was bored by the change in conversation and when the second dance ended she said goodbye and moved to return to her friends. But the man grabbed her arm and insisted she stay and dance again. She tried to break free, but he gripped her arm.

“Listen, my lovely,” he hissed in her ear. “Don’t toy with me. I want you to dance another dance with me.”

Nikki struggled with him until another couple noticed a problem and intervened. When the man let go of her arm, Nikki quickly left the dance floor. She rushed to the table where her friends were chatting and hadn’t noticed anything. She gathered her purse and sweater, made hasty excuses and fled the club. She hailed a taxi and didn’t breathe again until the club was blocks behind her.

At home, John met her at the door. He knew something was wrong when the taxi pulled up at least an hour before Nikki was expected home. He pulled her to his chest when he saw her distressed face and held her. Nikki burst into tears and sobbed as she leaned against him.

“Come on in Nikki,” murmured soothingly into her hair, “come in and tell me what happened.” He picked up the trembling woman in his arms and carried her to the couch. John cradled Nikki on his lap as she told him the whole story, wiping away her tears with his hand.

belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strappingBy time she was finished telling the story to John, she was calmer. It never occurred to her to lie to him. She knew she was in trouble for breaking the one dance rule, but she always told John the truth because she cared for his respect for her. John held her close and said, “thank god you are all right. I’m so scared of losing you one day, Nikki.”

He held her without speaking for a few minutes, stroking her hair and cuddling her close.

“Nikki,” he began suddenly. “You know what is going to happen now, don’t you?”

“You are going to punish me for breaking the rule,” Nikki said quietly, her eyes on her toes.

“Yes dear,” he said quietly, “and this is a serious one. You endangered yourself with that man. Thank god those people intervened or who knows what would have happened.”

“I’m sorry John. ” Nikki started sobbing again.

“I know you are,” he said calmly,” but you must be punished. You understand that, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir ,” she said quietly.

“All right then, little one, go up to the study and prepare yourself.” John lifted her from his lap and put her on her feet. “I will be up in a few minutes and I expect you to be ready for a strapping.”

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belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strapping

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