Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nikki's Notes on "The Choice"

As I promised in my last post, I’m posting The Choice, a story based on a chance meeting that happened several years ago. I was visiting Vancouver and met an off-duty police officer on the beach. We chatted for a while and he took me for lunch. Over lunch, he was telling me about the beautiful scenery on the road between Vancouver and Squamish. When I said that I’d love to see it, we went off in his car for the drive to Squamish. The scenery was as breath-taking as he described. He told me stories of rock-slides that came down on the highway and careless tourists driving off the edge.

I was carried away by the gorgeous views of rock, water and fir trees. He was sweet and good-looking and when I said that it would be wonderful to make love in that scenery, the guy couldn’t believe his good luck. We found a bit of shoulder, just like in the story and had a fun afternoon romping in a secluded glade just like the one I describe in The Choice.

Here’s a bonus for you first readers, a video clip from the wonderful Girls Boarding School site. That headmaster is to die for! He’s so handsome and ever so strict. I would gladly bend over his knee anytime!

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