Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The one dance rule - part 1

Nikki was in the place she loved the most. The warmth of John’s strong thighs warmed her naked belly and the roughness of his jeans rubbed against her soft skin. Here, across John’s lap, Nikki felt secure, safe and loved.

“Everyday, I forget how beautiful you are,” John said, as ran his hands along her back, squeezing her bottom gently and stroking her thighs. He had a few calluses on his palms that lightly scratched Nikki’s skin and sent tingles along her spine. “I’ve missed you, dear heart.”

Two days Nikki had been gone. She had never been apart from John that long before and she had missed him badly. But it was all right now. She was back, she was across his lap and John was going to spank her, the way he did everyday after supper.

Nikki called these daily spankings her love bites, but an amused John referred to the sessions as daily reminders. “To keep you in line, m’lady,” he’d growl with mock ferociousness.

She wondered if he’d spank her with his hand or the paddle. Sometimes he used both, it depended on his mood and Nikki enjoyed the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen as she lowered her panties and settled on his lap every evening.

Nikki sighed happily and wiggled a bit on John’s lap. Her waist brushed against the hard metal of his belt buckle and she shivered. He wore that belt everyday and Nikki didn’t like it. It was a thick black leather belt, two inches wide, with a big square silver buckle. John would only remove that belt from his pants for one of two reasons.

Once a week he took it out and oiled with a special product he had imported from Germany. He would spend half an hour every Saturday afternoon rubbing the belt with a soft cloth admiring its sheen and suppleness. Nikki’s tummy would quail whenever she saw him handle the belt because the only other time John would take it off was to strap her soundly for a major infraction. Memories of those occasions made Nikki’s stomach hurt.

Nikki was regularly punished by John for minor things, like sassing or being late. Minor infractions were dealt with after the daily spanking while she was still across John’s knee. After the paddle was put away, out would come either the hairbrush or the short strap and Nikki’s already burning bottom would be treated to many more hard strokes, usually until she cried.

belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strappingNikki didn’t like the hairbrush or strap, but at least she was across John’s loving lap and the security of his warm body against her skin kept her from being afraid.

When the belt came out, however, there was no warm lap to lie across. When John was angry enough at her to use the belt, Nikki was required strip naked and bend over his desk in the study. Supporting herself with her elbows, Nikki would arch her back on John’s command to expose the full length of her bottom and thighs. From behind her John would lash her repeatedly along these tender zones. No matter how much she wailed and cried, he would strap her until he was convinced she had learned her lesson.

The last time Nikki had been forced to endure the bite of that belt was just two weeks ago. John had given her permission to join her friends at a club to go dancing. He was busy with work projects and Nikki begged him to let her go and spend some time with her friends. He smiled at her eagerness, but waved a stern finger in her face.

“Remember the rule, Nikki,” he said. “Only one dance per partner. You know why.”

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belt, discipline, otk, punishment, scolding, spanking, strapping

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