Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nikki's notes on "The One Dance Rule"

I hope you enjoyed The One Dance Rule. It’s my first ever posting to a blog.

I wrote the story for a lover I had a few years ago to heat him up in advance of our dinner date at his house. I sent it to him attached to an email and, you know, he didn’t say a word about it in his response. I was a little hurt by that, but when I arrived at his place the following Friday, he invited me into his study and we played out that belt strapping –with a less serious intent, thank goodness.

Then, last year, I sent the story to another man I was dating at the time (fully disclosing that I had written it for someone else, of course) and this time I was bent over the quilt rack at the end of my bed for a taste of his belt. You just have to love the power of the pen!

"The One Dance Rule” is a long story - more than 3,000 words. I chose it as my first post because I wanted to experiment with the serial form of storytelling. Back in the days when people read more, fiction was often published in serial form by newspapers. Writers could earn a decent living having their novels published piece by piece over the course of a year. But my friend Ms M. informs me that the day of the serial story is over. “It blows,” were her exact words, I believe. So, from here on in, I’ll post the full story at one go.

I had a conversation with the very dominant Mr. P. earlier this week. In the course of our conversation I remembered an incident that happened to me several years ago. I've been turning that incident over in my head ever since, and a fictionalized version of it will be my next post. It involves a police officer! So stay tuned.

xx Nikki

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